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Q: How quickly can you respond to a client’s situation?
A: Response times are subject to client requirement, location and our prior work load. For emergency domestic stock situations, Kingstone Deer Management Services can have an operator on site within twenty-four hours with further operators on site within seventy-two hours.

Date Submitted: 13/07/2007 10:14:58
Q: Do you have a price list?
A: The nature of our business and the very differing requirements of our individual clients, make it impractical to publish a price list. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirement.

Date Submitted: 13/07/2007 10:18:50
Q: My particular situation is extremely sensitive as there is some public access. How do you manage this type of situation?
A: Having fully understood your particular situation, a plan would then be formed to carry out the work at times where least public activity is taking place. Our operators are experienced in dealing with members of the public and deal with all public interface in a courteous and confident manner.

Date Submitted: 13/07/2007 10:20:10
Q: What level of disturbance can I expect to have to cope with?
A: Our operators will endeavour to carry out the work with a minimum of disturbance to the other land operations and in consultation with the landowner, farmer, game keeper or other land users.

Date Submitted: 13/07/2007 10:22:00
Q: Your services will often include the using of firearms. How do I know you are safe?
A: All of our operators have many years of firearms handling experience, some in a professional capacity outside of Kingstone Deer Management Services. Firearm safety is an integral part of the DMQ courses that our operators have undergone. A risk assessment is carried out before each operation and safety is the first and constant factor in every job.

Date Submitted: 13/07/2007 10:23:04
Q: david we have approx 25 boar escaped from our breeding runs,despite all our efforts to recapture them they are still loose on stubble fields.We feel the only option is to cull them for meat.Could you give us a price for shooting them with free bullits
A: Thank you for your enquiry Paul, we can assist. I will respond further by E-mail.

Date Submitted: 18/08/2007 19:30:16
Q: Hi, I saw Davids account of hunting in Germany - can visitors circumvent the requirement to pass the German gunting proficiency test? Thanks, Kevin.
A: A foreign visitor to Germany can obtain a temporary visitor's Jagdschein without taking the Jagdschein examination. A temporary Jagdschein is valid for fourteen days and costs twenty-seven Euros. It is obtained from the local town hall but not every town issues the Jagdschein. Your German host can assist you in obtaining it. It is renewable on payment of a further twenty-seven Euros. You will require a passport type photograph for your application. If you hold a hunting licence from another mainland European State, whose licence is recognised by Germany (e.g. Holland, France) you can obtain a visitors' Jagdschein which will be valid for one year. I understand that there is a special simpler Jagdschein exam for serving members of the British Armed Forces stationed in Germany. I hope the above is of help to you. Good hunting. Waidmanns Heil, David.

Date Submitted: 13/09/2007 07:20:41
Q: Can I take my own rifle on a Kei River Hunting Safari? William
A: Yes. The process for getting a temporary import permit for your rifle, ammunition and sound moderator is relatively simple and painless, as long as your paperwork is correct. We will make sure that you have all the correct paperwork, properly filled out, before you leave UK and that you have been "talked through" the whole process, from check in to arriving at Kei River.

Date Submitted: 13/07/2008 13:05:26

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