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At present, Kingstone Deer Management Services do not offer accompanied deer stalking outings.   However, we do recommend:

Jelen Deer Services

Price Structure  - Deer Management Program

Daily Stalking: Stalking Fee:   £60.00 per outing

Trophy Fees:  Roe Deer
Cull Roe Bucks   £  60.00
Cull Roe Bucks (over 4 Points) £125.00
Roe Buck (6 points non-medal) £225.00
Bronze Medal    £400.00
Silver Medal    £600.00
Gold Medal    £950.00
Roe Does    £  50.00

Fallow Deer

Prickets    £  50.00
Bucks      £150.00 (Non-medal heads)
Bucks      £450.00 (Medal heads)
Does     £  50.00

Red, Sika, Chinese Water Deer and Muntjac stalking can be arranged by us through other companies upon request.

Missed Shots at Deer    £20.00 per miss
Transport:      £15.00/day (if applicable)
Rifle Hire:      £15.00/day (if applicable)

Deposit To confirm a booking we would require 30% of the cost of the combined stalking outing costs.

Contact David at info@kingstonedeer.com